Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


The Jeep Girls Connect Pen Pal project is a group started by Stephanie Stevens in February of 2021. The purpose of the JGC pen pal project was is to engage and encourage lady Jeepers. The hope is that by sending a note, postcard, letter or greeting card, could bring a smile to someone’s face. We are living in trying and challenging times and just knowing that someone is thinking about us, can make a huge impact on our day. Loss and isolation has really taken its toll on so many people, offering this “connection” can hopefully help each and every one of us to keep pushing forward and know that we are thought about and cared for.

To get a pen pal, you must private message your address to Stephanie Stevens or contact her HERE.

Typically, your letter is sent out within a week of Stephanie confirming that she has gotten your address and officially added you to the group. However, when we have surges of ladies joining at the same time, please understand that it could take longer.

While gifting is allowed, please know that it is not expected or required. If you are EXPECTING to receive gifts, this may not be the group for you.

If you do not see your pen pal in the group, please don’t be alarmed. Not all of the ladies have found out about the group the same way or at the same time. Feel free to contact Stephanie HERE if you would like her to look into the situation.

If you would like more than one pen pal, that is completely your choice. However, you must ensure that you communicate through mail to your assigned pen pal. You are welcome to make new friends in the group and exchange addresses if you wish. You do not have to contact Stephanie to do this.

Please be patient. If you still haven’t received your welcome letter within three weeks, please Stephanie. However, also keep in mind that COVID and sometimes harsh weather can slow down the process of sending and receiving mail.

Please be patient. We must realize that all of our friends in the group have lives outside of writing letters. They may be out of town, working long hours, etc. If you do not hear from your pen pal within three weeks of sending, you can contact Stephanie. (Note…I have responded to several messages with this question. In response I message their pen pal. So far, every time the pen pal had just sent something or was preparing to),

We recommend reaching out to your pen pal one to two times per month. However, if you would like to do more, you absolutely can.

We try to limit the number of “selling” posts, however, we are not opposed to it as long as your merchandise is not a reflection of JGC merchandise. Additionally, If you join as a VIPJG (Very Important Jeep Girl) we will include your business link on our website.

Yes, Currently this project is ran and supported by Jeep owners.

Yes, we recommend that you do so.

You must reach out to your pen pal at the very minimum by posting that you received your Welcome letter and tagging her in that post.

Yes. You must post in the group when you receive your Welcome letter. You also must post when you send and receive from your pen pals. It is essential that you tag your pen pals in your posts.